Kairos Letter #1

image of letterItem: Kairos Letter

From Where: St. Ursula Academy’s senior Kairos Retreat

From Who: Krystin Miller

When: 2007

Item Story:

So I would be interested to hear how many of the people who actually read this have a good understanding of what “Kairos Retreat” is already, (for those of you who don’t, click here). But the short description is that it is a religious retreat that was taken at my high school during our senior year. It is a very meaningful experience, and one of the traditions of Kairos, at least of our Kairos, was that people who had already attended Kairos would write letters to the girls who were currently on the retreat, and we were given the letters to read on the retreat during down time. The majority of people wrote a form letter that spoke about the importance of being open to God and the experience, but every so often there was a girl who took the time to write an actual letter to each girl on the retreat.

One of those girls was named Krystin Miller, and she was the nicest, kindest, most wonderful person at our high school. I had always enjoyed Krystin, but I can’t say that I would have ever considered us friends, or that I ever considered that she ever spared a second of her time to think of me and form an opinion on me, but she did. And what she wrote to me in her letter has a big impact on me. So much that its included in the “special box,” that I look at when I am feeling down on myself. Her words were heartfelt enough to share the same space as letters from my parents and brother. And the fact that she is not related to me is the reason her words hit stronger than even the most loving letter from my mom, because she has no reason that she has to say or think these words. It is truly a wonderful experience to be able to hear truthfully what your friends think of you. And Krystin’s words have been a help to me, they’ve been a comfort to me, and they’ve helped me pick myself up and keep going, because I know she is right about how she describes me, and it feels so amazing to hear someone else besides my mom describe me in such positive ways.

I have copied her words below:

“Fritz, you are someone who I’ve always looked up to…hands down. I admire your incredible attitude and sense of humor, and I really value our friendship. Sometimes I wonder how nothing ever seems to faze you, whether it be balancing school, friends, or your family. I always look forward to talking to you or even running into you randomly in the halls because I know you are someone with incredible talent…someone who you usually don’t come across too often in life. Annie…you’re not only a gorgeous person, but you also have a gift. I really don’t know how to describe it. Seriously, you have so much potential that I am certain that whatever you do in life, you will be successful. You deserve the best in absolutely everything.”

Thank you so much Krystin, for taking the time and effort to say such things about me. You truly are an angel.


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